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  • UFO LED high bay lights

    Fitted with Philips 3030 LED and Meanwell driver, as well as 5 years warranty, Prime LED high bay lights offer wide options for your warehouse or workshop.

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  • LED Flood Lighting Fixture

    With Philips 3030 LED and Meanwell driver, as well as 5 years warranty, we offer led sport lights range from 200-2000W, and LED flood lighs in 50 to 400W.

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  • LED Roadway Lighting Fixtures

    With Philips 3030 LED and Meanwell driver, we offer LED post top lights in 50-150W and LED street lights in 50-300W, 5 years warranty

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Our Products

200W LED Sports lighting

200W LED Sports lig...

400-500W Equivalent with 200W 240W LED

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400W LED sports lighting

400W LED sports lig...

800-1000W HPS/MHL equivalentwit 400W 480W LED

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600W LED Sports lighting

600W LED Sports lig...

1200-1500W HPS/MHL equivalent with 600W 720W LED

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800W LED Sports lighting

800W LED Sports lig...

1500-2000W HPS/MHL equivalent with 800W 960W LED

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1000W LED Sports lighting

1000W LED Sports li...

2000-2500W HPS/MHL equivalent with 1000W 1200W LED

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1200W LED Sports lighting

1200W LED Sports li...

2000-2500W equivalent

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960W LED Sports Lighting

960W LED Sports Lig...

960W LED 1500-2000W equivalent

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1200W LED Sports Lighting Fixture

1200W LED Sports Li...

1200W Philips LED and 2000-2500W equivalent

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